Exhibitions (presented also out of the Czech Republic)

Josip Plečnik – Architecture for the New Democracy

Co-authors: Damjan Prelovsek (Ljubljana), Tomas Valena (Munich) and Miroslav Repa (Prague). First presentation: Prague Castle area, summer 1996, then presented in Ljubljana Castle, Cooper Union, N. Y., N. Y., Bruxelles, Berlin, Barcelona, Haifa, Warszaw, Paris and Budapest. The exhibiton was held under the auspices of Vaclav Havel and Milan Kucan.

Begleichung der Schuld (Debt Repayment)

The 2002 exhibition presents works of German –speaking architects in Prague 1900-1938 (mostly Jewish). Prepared with Goethe Institut and J. Fragner Gallery in Prague, where it was firstly presented in under the auspices of President Vaclav Havel. Also presented in Stockholm (Goethe Institut), Berlin, Tel Aviv (Bauhauscenter), Regensburg (Municipal Gallery), Vienna, Rotterdam (Goethe Institut), Munich. Photos by Ester Havlova and Karel Cudlin, graphic layout Robert Novak.

Architect Emil Kralíček – A Forgotten Master of Art Nouveau and Cubism

Prepared with J. Fragner Gallery – Dan Merta and Matildenhöhe Darmstadt in 2005 and then presented in Darmstadt (Matildenhöhe), Berlin, Munich and Rotterdam (Goetheinstitut).

Czech Architectural Cubism

Prepared with J. Fragner Gallery – Dan Merta in 2006 and presented in Berlin, Paris, Hradec nad Moravici, New York, Washington, Riga, Luxembourg, Madrid, Munich, Bruxelles, Gent, Dresden, Kosice, Zagreb, Kosice, Zagreb, Manila (Philippines).
Photos by Ester Havlova, graphic layout by Robert Novak.

Prague Functionalism – Tradition and Contemporary Echoes

Also prepared with Dan Merta and Fragner´s Gallery and Petr Kratochvil in 2011. Have been also presented in Madrid, Riga, Tel Aviv (Bauhaus Center), Bratislava, Eidhoven, Haarlem, Munich, Regensburg, Ljubljana, Munich, Regensburg, Ljubljana, New York, Austin, Texas, Washington, D. C.
Photos from NTM Archives, graphic layout Robert Novak and Tomas Brichcin.

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