Books (printed in English, or German):

Václav Havel's Prague. A guide to Buildings and Places with a Role in the Life of the Playwright, Dissident and President

A guide with 70 buildings and places connected with the life of Vaclav Havel - from popular theatres, bars and pubs thru police departments, and prisons to the Prague Castle a its revitalisations. With a brief cv, maps and list of architects. Photos by Pavel Hroch, Karel Cudlín, Ondřej Němec, Bohdan Holomíček, Alan Pajer atc. Grafic layout by Luděk Kubík a Karel Haloun, preface by Michael Žantovský, translated by Ian Willoughby, Coilín O´Connor and Derek Paton. 220 pages. Published by Vaclav Havel´s Library, 2019. ISBN 978-80-87490-92-1

Prague Modern. Architectural City Guide 1850-2000

A great guide on more than 230 buildings. Photos by Pavel Hroch, items from 1990-2000 era written by Petr Kratochvíl. Translated by Teresa and Mike Baugh, Grafic layout by Jiří Adamík - Novák, 320 pages. Published by Paseka, 2018. ISBN 978-80-7432-934-0

Architekturführer Prag. Bauten und Projekte 1900-2000

German version on a guide on the modern Prague architecture. Color photos by Pavel Hroch, items 1990-2000 era written by Petr Kratochvíl, maps. Published by DOM Publishers Berlin, 2018. ISBN 978-3-86922-582-1

10 Centuries of Architecture – Architecture of 20th Century

A guide on Prague Castle, Prague and Czech architecture. Hundreds of photographs, a map. Administration of Prague Castle and DaDa, Prague 2011, 188 pages, ISBN 80-86161-47

Bau-Kunst. Kubistische Architektur in und um Prague

Texts (in German) also by Wolf Tegethoff, Jörg-Uwe Albig, Milos Pistorius. Photos by Hana Hamplova. Bayerische Vereinsbank, Munich 1994, 142 pages, ISBN 3-930184-04-4. Not in sale

Czech Architectural Cubism

Small guide with photos of Ester Havlova. In Czech and English. Pavel Janak´s essay The Prism and the Pyramid included. J. Fragner Gallery, Prague 2006, 170 pages, ISBN 80-239-8368-7

Building No. 21 in Zlin by V. Karfík

Texts (in Czech and English) also by Petr Vsetecka. Photos by Ivan Nemec and archive. 144 pages, Zlinsky kraj ISBN 80-239-3852-5. Probably not in sale

Prague Villas

A small book – guide. Text also in Czech. Photos Pavel Stecha and Radovan Bocek. Zlaty rez, Prague 1993. Sold out

Josip Plecnik – Architectural Guide

A guide on Plecnik´s interventions in the Czech Republic. Photos by Pavel Stecha. Prague Castle Administration, Prague 1996. Sold out

Prague Castle – Windows

Pavel Stecha´s photos of different types of Prague Castle windows. Texts also by Eliska Fucikova a Petr Chotebor. Administration of Prague Castle, 2002, ISBN 80- 86161-57-9

Prague Castle - Doors

Pavel Stecha´s photos of different types of Prague Castle doors and portals. Texts also by Eliska Fucikova a Petr Chotebor. Administration of Prague Castle, 2002, ISBN 80- 86161-57-9

Art Nouveau Architecture in Prague

A map with info on the style, architects and important houses. Photos by Ester Havlova. Kubista, Prague 2005

Cubist Architecture in Prague

A map with info on the style, architects and important houses. Photos by Ester Havlova. Kubista, Prague 2005

Art Deco Architecture in Prague

A map with info on the style, architects and important houses. Photos by Ester Havlova. Kubista, Prague 2006

Prague. A Guide to the 19th and 20th Centuries

Also French, German and Spanish versions. Photos by Jiri Sourek. 145 pages, Artfoto Prague, 1997. ISBN 80-86085-11-2. Sold out

Prague Castle Revival Project

Text also by Miroslav Masak and Jiri Mraz. Office of the President of the Czechoslovak Republic, 1991. Not in sale

Emil Králíček – Ein neu entdecker Repräsentant des tschechischen Jugendstils und Kubismus

Text (also in Czech) also by Vendula Hnidkova (one chapter), photos by Ester Havlova, 190 pages, Galerie J. Fragnera, Prague 2005, ISBN 80-239-3644-1. Sold out

Begleichung der Schuld. In Prag tätige deutschsprachige Architekten 1900-1938

In German. Work of German-speaking architects in Prague (most Jewish). Intro by Ivan Medek, photos by Karel Cudlin, Ester Havlova and Pavel Stecha. 220 pages. Fraktaly Prague 2002, ISBN 80-86627-05-5 Sold out

Václav Havel 1989-2003

(also in Czech). Reflection of architecture designs in Prague Castle area during the presidency of VH. Edited in numbered limited edition. Photos by Pavel Stecha, drawings by Ales Lamr. Art D Prague 2003, ISBN 80-902892-1-5 Not in sale

Prague Castle Gallery. A Guide to the Collections

Text also by Eliska Fucikova and Petr Chotebor. Prague Castle Administration 1998, 96 pages, ISBN 80-86161-01-3

A Map of Cubism / Art Deco in Prague

A smaller version of the Kubista´s maps. Photos by Ester Havlova. Kubista, Prague 2013

Prague Functionalism. Tradition and Contemporary Echoes

A catalogue to the exposition (text also in German). Texts also by Dan Merta and Petr Kratochvil. Original black and white photos by National Museum of Technology archives. Galerie Jaroslava Fragnera, Prague 2012, ISBN 978-80-904484-4-5

Josip Plecnik – An Architect of Prague Castle

A catalogue to the large exhibition held under the auspices of the Czech ad Slovenian Presidents. Conception Zdenek Lukes, Damjan Prelovsek an Tomas Valena, contributions of many experts, incl. Kenneth Frampton, Wolfgang Kemp, Marco Pozzetto or Akos Moravanszky. Photos from Pragee Castle Archive and by Pavel Stecha, 670 pages. Prague Castle Administration 1997, ISBN 80-902051-5-1

Cubist Prague 1905-1925

Text (also in Czech) also by Michal Bregant, Lenka Bydzovska, Vojtech Lahoda, Karel Srp, Rostislav Svacha. 230 pages. Mid-Bohemilan Gallery and Odeon Prague, 1995, ISBN 80-901559-5-2

Famous Prague Villas

Text also by Premysl Veverka, Dita Dvorakova and Petr Krajci. 190 pages, Foibos and NTM Prague, 2004, ISBN 80-7037-127-7

Great Buildings of Prague 5

Text also by Premysl Veverka, Ivan Matejka, Pavel Vlcek and Martin Ebel, 230 pages. Foibos and Prague 5 Municipality, Prague 2005, ISBN 80-903661-6-3

Praha – Aerial photos

Photos by Libor Svacek, preface and titles by ZL (in English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Russian, Japanese and Chinese). 184 pages. MCU Cesky Krumlov 2013, ISBN 978-80-7339-220-8

Jože Plečnik – A Guide to his Works in the Czech Republic

Photos by Jiri Podrazil. 105 pages. Also German version: Jože Plečnik – Führer durch Bauwerke in der Tschechischen Republik. Foibos, Prague 2012. ISBN 978-80-87073-42-2, 978-80-87073-42-3

Plečnik´s South Gardens of Prague Castle

A small guide, photos by Pavel Stecha. Architekt magazine, Prague 1995. Sold out

Some texts in Catalogues (in English, French or German):

Skrznaskrz. Les Tchéques et la France au Cours des Siècles

A book in French cocerning on Czech – French relationships. Ed. By Catherine Servant, Jiri Setlik, Viktor Slajchrt, Tomas Vrba. 330 pages. Gallery Prague, 2002, ISBN 80-8601052-X

Lücken in der Geschichte 1890-1938. Polemischer Geist Mitteleuropas – Deutsche, Juden, Tschechen

Book in German on Mid-European culture – German, Jew and Bohemian. 140 pages, Municipal Gallery, Prague 1994, ISBN 80-7010-031-1

Tschechische Kunst 1878-1914. Auf dem Weg in die Moderne. Textband, Catalogue

Two catalogues in German, ed. by Jiri Kotalik. Vladimir Slapeta and Zdenek Lukes - architecture of the period. Darmstadt 1984

Jan Kotěra 1871-1923. The Founder of Modern Czech Architecture

415 pages, ed. by Vladimir Slapeta. Municipal House / Kant Prague 2001, ISBN 80-86217-47-7

1909-1925 Kubismus in Prag

A large catalogue in German on Czech Cubism. Ed. by Jiri Svestka and Tomas Vlcek. 500 pages, Kunstverein Düsseldorf – Verlag Hatje, Stuttgart 1991, ISBN 3 7757 0 337 3

The Story of Prague Castle

A large book on the Prague Castle history from Mediaeval period till today. Photo Lubomír Fuksa and Jaroslav Prokop. 500 pages. Prague Castle Administration 2003. ISBN 80-86161-73-0

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